5AM Anal

No, it's not what I did after too many Vodka Redbulls, it's a scene I shot for a new VOD site (which I think is called Atomic Anal, but they haven't launched yet so I'm not 100% sure).

Anyway, a couple of days before I left for Toronto, this director calls me. "Can you work friday?" She asks me.

I inform her that I'm boarding a plane at 9:00 AM. She asks me how early I'm willing to work. I tell her I'm a morning person, and that I used to work in mainstream film, and that I have no problem with early call times - as long as she'll take me to the airport afterwards. It's a deal, and I'm booked for 5am.

Fast forward to Friday, July 1, 4:30 AM. She picks me up from my house and takes me to set, where my costar, Abby Darling, is on the couch, catching what sleep she can.

The Lovely Abby Darling

She gets up and we get ready. Our set is a kiddie pool full of packing peanuts. Our wardrobe is rainbow stockings and neon arm gloves and brightly colored bikinis and for me, a yellow skirt (making this the fourth porn I've shot in which I wear a skirt/dress).

The scene is kind of surreal...I'm a Dominatrix of sorts, cheerily punishing Abby for masturbating with out me. I tie her up with rainbow slinkies (which didn't survive the shoot...may they rest in peace) and fuck her in the ass with smiley butt toys (if you've seen the episode of Adventure Time called "Conquest of Cuteness" they look a lot like the cuties that attack Finn and Jake). I also fist her and stuff my arm gloves inside of her. She goes down on me and fingers my ass.

We wrap up, and the camera guy drives my over caffeinated ass to the airport. I talk his ear off the whole way. You can see the scene when the site it's on launches (and I'll let you know about that).


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