Why I do this

I love porn. I love my job. I’m really a very happy person who is doing something that she loves.

I recently went to New York (and I’ll write more extensively about it later) and got to work with a lot of people who, like me, were doing porn because they wanted to do it instead of because they didn’t know what else to do with their lives. It was refreshing, to be with fellow artists, with people with vision, and to help them realize that vision.

I tweeted a lot about it, and I’ve decided to collect some of those thoughts here instead:

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Keep Talking Music Video

As you may know, I sometimes work on non-porn projects. Here’s a music video I’m in (and also worked as the Assistant Director on) for one of my favorite bands, Gangstagrass!

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What not to say to lesbians, a primer

No, you can't join inSay you’re at a party, and you meet a girl who totally does it for you. You make a pass, but it falls flat. “I’m a lesbian,” says the object of your affections, and you search your brain for the perfect response. You know you can totally change her mind. You’re going to hit her with some dude logic that is going to make her reconsider the way her mind and body processes attraction, because you’re just so cool.

Sound like you? Tsk tsk. That line you’re thinking of, the one that’s going to turn her straight? She’s heard it forty times, she thinks you’re a dumbass, and she’s got more than one clever response already ready to go.

Look, I don’t fault anyone for making a pass, for expressing their attraction to someone else, for “trying.” I don’t care if you hit on me. I’ll even say “thanks” when you tell me I have nice tits, but thinking you’re that one special dude who is going to make me straight after a lifetime of unabashed lesbianism? Yeah, I’m laughing at you. My friends are laughing at you. My fans on the Internet are laughing at you.

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So Fred Phelps died


Fred Phelps, you know, the God Hates Fags guy, died last night. You totally know who this guy was, but here’s the obligatory recap. Last time on “Famous Bigots”, Fred Phelps started the Westboro Baptist Church with mostly only members of his own family, waved signs that said “God Hates Fags” and “God Hates America” and protested pretty much everything they thought they could get attention for.

Fred’s passing marks the passing of something else: of overt gay hatred in the public discourse. Politicians and organizations who want to push laws  to discriminate against gay people or stop gay marriage no longer speak the language of fear. No more “they’ll make your kids gay.” No more “HIV is punishment.” The Pope is willing to concede to civil unions (too late, Your Holiness, too late). Anti-gay activists are seeing fewer and smaller victories.

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You will NEVER be a male performer

Sad Bananas

Despite the fact that I am a lesbian and a girl/girl porn producer, I still get emails/facebook messages/tumblr missives/various and sundry communiques almost every day from dudes who want to be male porn stars. Most of these people live in countries that are not the United States, and cities that are not Los Angeles. At times, I feel compelled to share some straight talk (from the gayest woman  in porn) with these guys…so I decided to make this post to contain my thoughts on the subject so I could just link to it the next (twenty) times I’ve got to dash some guy’s porno dreams.

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AVN Nomination!

AVN added a new awards category this year, Best All Girl Performer, and I am one of the nominees. I’m just thrilled about this. When I got into porn five years ago, I never expected to be nominated for anything, and as of this year, I’ve been nominated for Best All Girl Group Scene three times (including this year for Lesbian Fuck Club), my movies as a director for Best All Girl Release (Butches and Babes and Art School Dykes) and now myself as Best All Girl Performer.

The other girls on the list are awesome. I’ve had a chance to work with quite a few of them (one, Shyla Jennings, was in that aforementioned Fuck Club scene). Whoever wins, I’m just happy to have been recognized for doing what I do best: fucking chicks.

Read AVN’s writeup here.


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Shooting for Crash Pad again

My newest scene for Crash Pad Series is out now. I had an awesome time shooting this scene, and I’m excited for my fans to check it out.


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Live Nerd Girls 2

Porn is kind of known for its long running series, but until just now I had never made a sequel to any of my films. Well, now I have. Live Nerd Girls was one of my favorite early projects, and a theme I’ve definitely been wanting to revisit.

As with the first LNG, Live Nerd Girls 2 features vignette stories about nerdy girls. It’s not so much “stuff that appeals to nerds” as it is stories about characters who are themselves nerds or geeks. I brought together girls who consider themselves nerdy, and included interviews with each of them. Continue reading

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Eric Zayne’s Neptune

People ask me all the time if I will do a scene with my wife Sten. While she works on most of my projects, she’s not into the idea of having sex on camera herself…but if you’d like to see her and me together, you can check us out in this music video from Eric Zayne.

It’s a cool song, and it was a fun experience…so enjoy!

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This is a picture of my van after it was broken into last night.


Not pictured, the light kit that was stolen out of the van. It was parked on a residential street in a nice part of Encino. It had taken us a long time to build up our equipment and this is a big blow.

I’m not the kind of porn gal that asks for money or stuff, and I’m not going to do that now, but this is a big loss. If you like my work, please consider supporting it this month. A membership to LilyCade.com is only $20, and I sell signed DVDs for $25 (with discounts if you buy multiple DVDs). For signed DVDs, email me at lily@lilycade.com.

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Guest Post by Tod Hunter

“…and the smile on the face of the tiger”

I enjoy the company of lesbians. Once we get to know each other after an initial feeling-out period (No, I don’t want to show you the joys of heterosexuality, don’t get the wrong idea when I buy you a drink) I find I can have a good friendship or professional-colleague relationship with somebody who has no sexual interest in men.

I feel the same way myself.

Every so often, a performer comes along who exudes such raw sexuality that she’s hard to resist. Lily Cade comes to mind. Natural red hair in a casual, almost unkempt Dennis the Menace bob, way-curvy body with big boobs rarely trussed up in a bra and usually trying to find their way out of a half-unbuttoned shirt, pale-white skin and a cheerful lack of inhibition that leads her to playfully molest other women in public.

I first spotted her a couple of years ago, and was instantly drawn to her. She’s charismatic as hell and whip-smart, with wary eyes that look at men with a certain distrust, because she has no sexual interest in men whatsoever. Never been with one and this late in the game that’s probably not going to change. Over the last year I’ve gained her trust — I think — and I have watched her mature into a director and producer (“I like to work”) as well as a performer who can deliver a great scene: now coquettish, now wanton, playing the seductress drawing the reluctant bi-curious virgin into her web or the hard butch on the prowl with equal effectiveness.

Although I find her attractive, it’s more of an aesthetic appreciation than a lustful one. I look at her the same way I would a tiger in an enclosure at the zoo. I appreciate the sleek lines of muscle, the graceful runs and leaps, the interplay of black and orange and white stripes and the intelligent, cunning eyes.

But I would NEVER get in the cage with the tiger.

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Lesbian Lock-Up

My latest movie is coming soon from Filly Films. It’s called Lesbian Lock-Up and I love it. If you like women-in-prison films, hot hard sex, or if “Orange is the New Black” has gotten you in the mood for some lesbian incarceration, you need to check this movie out.

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