Butch/Femme with Kay Kardia

LilyKay4Check out the new scene in the videos section!

Kay and I met on set and really hit it off. We shot a strap-on scene in a bar. I loved Kay's energy and she's a game lover who, like me, understands how a good porn scene is both a performance and a real sexual encounter. We're  also both former Catholic school girls.

Of course I wanted another time with her, so I set up this shoot.  We got a chance to more fully explore each other's bodies and connect. This scene is super hot, featuring a little bit of roughness and a lot of intensity. Expect to see more of Kay in my projects in the future.

LilyKay2LIlyKay1 LilyKay3

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Fuck The Police cover

We have an official cover for Fuck The Police. Stay tuned for more info on where to get the movie!

552 Fuck The Police DVD fb

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On Shaming and Outing

I got the following question on tumblr:

I've heard many performers say how much they do not enjoy working with women who are not into women. Why do they not "out" these particular women to shame them and keep them out of Lesbian porn?

This was my response:

1. It’s bad for business on many levels. First of all, if some girl is on the record that a scene sucks, or that she hated working with someone, that could effect the sales of that scene. Do you think a company is going to want to work with a girl who talks shit on the record? Do you think other performers are going to want to work with a girl who does that? Most fans can’t really tell if there’s a connection or not (which isn’t to say some fans can’t…but the scene and the experience of shooting it are different animals).

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Watch me at Kink.com!

This month, I got to shoot for Kink.com for the very first time. I've been wanting to shoot for Kink since I got into porn, and I was so excited to get a chance to show my fans a hardcore, kinky performance with my trademark connection and high intensity.


My scene partner was the lovely Mia Li. She's just the most adorable girl and she played her ukelele for me while we rode to the Armory together. She's also a truly dirty slut who revels in things like face-slapping and hard anal pounding. In short, she was a great choice and I loved working with her.


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Regarding Trans Women

In light of the kerfuffle regarding my Feminist Porn Award nominations, I have been asked to make a statement clarifying my views about trans women.

I consider trans women to be women.

I understand that unfortunately trans people face marginalization on a daily basis.

I respect and am happy to share space with trans women.

I respect and use whichever pronouns anyone chooses for themselves.

I respect trans women using whatever words best describe themselves sexually – whether that's straight, lesbian, bisexual or something else.

I have shot trans women in sex scenes as a camera person, and am happy to do so. I am available for hire to shoot or edit most types of content, as long as everyone on set wants to be there.

I am inclusive of anyone for off-camera positions and non-sex roles. I am open to hiring a trans person to shoot, edit, or otherwise work for me. I have also shot trans women in non-sex roles in my movies.


I never suggested Chelsea Poe was a rapist. I think throwing rape accusations around is completely inappropriate. My only tweet regarding rape during the entire “twitter war” consisted of me telling the now defunct twitter account “Gender Identity Watch” that “nobody is raping anybody.”

While I recognize that trans porn is marketable, I am neither tapped into that market nor do I have the passion and dedication required to take on such a project. I am rather overworked as it is. I would rather leave the showcasing of authentic trans sexuality to those who do it best, while focusing my efforts on my own brand and my own stories.

With regards to my choice of scene partners – I am not personally interested in having sex with trans women and I reject the notion that saying so is abusive, victimizing or wrong. People's sexuality is their own, and having put mine on public display makes that no less true.

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An Open Letter to the Feminist Police

Today, I read a blog post entitled "An Open Letter to the Feminist Porn Awards" from Kitty Stryker. My New Year's Resolution this year was to stay away from Internet Drama. I got so embroiled in dumb-ass arguments last year. I do feel that I need to address this, however. The only voices on this issue shouldn't be those using disingenuous attacks as a form of self-promotion.

Kitty takes issue with the Feminist Porn Awards new criteria, which stress that the films will be judged not just on their feminist sentiment, but also on their quality as films. The Feminst Porn Awards are looking for movies that fit four criteria: Quality, Inclusiveness, The "It" Factor and Hotness — all things I think are crucial in judging a work for an award show like this. Surely, not just our message but the effort and skill with which we transmit it matters to our merit as filmmakers.

Kitty, however, complains about that the Award's "Quality" section.

High production value requires valuable time, learned skills, expensive equipment, pricey editing software, budget to fund the project. It sets a precedent that capitalist consumerist values are more important than actual politics, which is somewhat contrary to feminism, in my understanding. Additionally for those who are not as privileged and don’t have companies funding their projects, or who are small, independent companies, earnestness is all they often have. By seemingly setting the bar in a way that requires financial privilege, you are likely shutting out many potential feminist pornographers, which is disappointing in a space that wants to court diversity.

GOOD-FAST-CHEAPIt's absurd to expect an award show not to pay attention to the quality of the work it's awarding. Of course both our message and the medium we use to transmit it matter. Good art isn't just about having a good idea; it requires good execution. High Production value does require time and effort and skill... or money. If you don't have money, you must invest more time and skill and effort. The world of cinema has changed. If you have access to a cellphone and a library card, you have everything you need to make a high quality movie. One of Sundance's breakout hits this year was "Tangerine" — shot entirely on an iPhone with an $8 app (and, interestingly enough, about trans sex workers). So much of creating quality content is attention to detail and bothering to make something good. My entire career, I have fought against the triangle of Fast-Cheap-Good and tried to find some balance. Making something exceptional is difficult, and that is why we reward exception. Continue reading

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No More Technical Difficulties

Thank you for your patience, fans! LilyCade.com is now back to working properly.

Sten is still at work on a new version of the site with an updated lOok but in the mean time you can now enjoy my videos again.

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Technical Difficulties

Just wanted to let everyone know that we're having some problems with our server, but we're working on it. We are also working on a new and improved LilyCade.com so soon things will be better than ever!


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Coming Home

This week's update is something a little different. You're used to getting a hardcore girl/girls scene every week here at LilyCade.com, but this week we went above and beyond to bring you a mini movie with a real story, genuine emotions, and really hot sex. Aaliyah Love and I made "Coming Home" together as a tribute to our troops and the women who love them.

Don't miss this one, folks.


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In which I am called “Unprofessional”

My friend from last night wrote me back. I guess he didn't Google me. I won't respond to this email, but here it is.

Alot of what you are saying is just what the mainstream people say yeah yeah.  I guess you never actually talked to girls I'm the industry who choose to do this for a living and who had doors open for them in life.  You made the mistake of demanding things without first making it known that you are there to work and not to get.hooked up as you made it sound in your first email.  Most young men and women do that.  How you going to demand when you aren't known when you aren't someone we need?  
Now you try and turn it around to the whole feminist thing saying oh since this industry is not.good for females then I can demand this and that.  Read your first email and you'll see you just say I only do whatever I want and you are there to film it and in return you expect to get paid.

I didn't say you must do this or that I just replied to your mistake of demanding.  Of course the girls we work with we meet and discuss what we want and what they want and we for from there but to start with you emailing to say what you want when you haven't done anything is unprofessional.

Again I don't mean to be harsh but its the truth.  So you only want to do what you want to do, that's fine bit you should've made us understand that you now this is a job n's not forbyou to get laid.  Unless you change the way you communicate I don't think this is a future for you with us or this industry on general.  And fyi there is so much free pornnout there and you saying real sex and real enjoyment is what will sell as if thibis a new concept.  We create a brand out of guys and girls and not just do porn.

My unprofessional rant is over. Good luck.

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What Makes Good Porn?

The other day, I responded to an ad on craigslist looking for adult models. I respond to a lot of these sorts of ads, and I sometimes get work from them. I owe the start of my career to craigslist, and I am always open to working for smaller outfits and people just starting out. I ignore the ads that seem like obvious bullshit, but I got my initial booking with Sweetheart Video via craigslist. I hooked up with MormonGirlz.com and PillowBook and many of the other awesome, indie, rewarding projects I have been a part of from Internet channels outside the usual porno pipeline.

I generally start my emails with "if you are shooting girl/girl" followed by a description of why I'm awesome and include some pictures. In this particular case, I closed my email with "PS I'm also available for nude non sex modeling or video, but not interested in boy/girl or solo masturbation. I only want to shoot sex on camera that turns me on."

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Mile High Madness!


Last year, me and Charlotte Stokely won #milehighmadness

I need your help this year. Please vote today (Feb 6). There are three ways to vote and you can do all three.

1. Tweet “@milehighmovies I want @lily_cade and @justinejoli for #milehighmadness

2. Go to Facebook.com/milehighmedia and post your vote as a comment

3. Email milehighmediamadness@gmail.com and tell them you vote for me.

I don’t do a lot of fan vote stuff, but I love this contest and it would mean a lot to me if you would help me out :)


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